Earthly and Heavenly Accounts

By Cheryl Wilson-Parker

I was initially blogging about another subject and ended up going on a tangent about something else.  I know it was the Lord who put this in my spirit.

On earth, we take our money to the bank, open an account, and we make deposits and withdrawals from time to time.  We make these deposits for many reasons.  For example, to pay bills, emergencies, retirement or for a rainy day.  Whatever the reason, there has to be something in the account, in order to withdraw from it.  It’s impossible for us to make withdrawals without first making deposits.  We can’t take from the account, what we don’t pour into it. Oh, let’s not forget the need to maintain a minimum balance and what it costs us if we don’t.

As Christians, we also open a Heavenly account.  However, this account doesn’t require a physical trip to Heaven with money to be opened.  Where else can you open an account with no money?  This account is free to us, automatically opened the minute we open our mouths, repent and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  As soon as we do this, the biggest deposit we could ever make takes place, and we can withdraw from it immediately! There’s no worrying about how much money is in the account, bounced checks, insufficient funds or maintaining a minimum balance to keep it open.  This account will never be closed for lack of funds.

There’s plenty to lose with earthly accounts.  This is not the case with a Heavenly account, there’s only gain.  We gain salvation, freedom from all our past sins (we get a clean slate), we gain a true friend, someone who cares for us deeply and we can call on day or night, who holds our hand, dries our tears, fights our battles and solves our problems.  The list goes on, but for me, the biggest gains are my inheritance into the Kingdom of Heaven, where I will get to spend eternity with my Lord and Savior, and reuniting with all my loved ones!!

Don’t get me wrong, earthly accounts are good and beneficial, but Heavenly accounts are beneficial and ESSENTIAL!! 

We get so much more from a Heavenly account.  Open up a Heavenly account today, so it can serve you in life and in death.