Psalm 139: You Are Invited

By Pastor Rebecca Stanley

YOU ARE INVITED…The request was given to God by David to search his heart. He was inviting the God of the universe to examine thoroughly his heart, his will, his emotions , his very thoughts. In Psalm 139 verses 23-24, David’s prayer was one of humility and submission as he asked to be searched and tested to reveal the intent of his heart.
Oh God, see if there is any “wicked” way in me. As I looked at that word “wicked” it actually speaks of the pain, offense, hurts and things we have in our hearts that have taken the position of first place. David’s invitation to the gaze of God to search and know his heart was him giving permission for Him to deal with those things that had been kept hidden, those habits and character flaws that we don’t like to deal with. But in the position of surrender, the next words spoken by David was lead me, guide me, give me strength for my journey as you place me on the right path everlasting. Powerful prayer as he gave his heart completely to God.
As a child, we would sing a little song that simply said, “ King of my heart, King of my heart, Jesus you’ll always be. This song would be sung after a lesson taught about giving our whole heart to the Lord. Giving just a portion of our heart won’t work. He must be the King of it all. Our prayer should be, Jesus, You are invited to take a look inside my heart so that You can deal with my imperfections, sin issues and everyday stuff. Peace comes in the surrender!
As I’m walking down this path of life, with every step taken and with every heartbeat I’m singing, “ I surrender all…”